We’re bucking the current system of half-truths, myths and being alone. Learn why moms struggle so with breastfeeding and know with this information it will be DIFFERENT FOR YOU.



I’ll give you five simple but life-changing steps to return Choice and Voice to you.



My breastfeeding preparedness system will allow breastfeeding to be easier for you. You have every reason to believe you will breastfeed to YOUR goals.

Reach your goals with my 7 Pregnancy Steps Coming Soon!
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Join the Village and let us partner with you during this very special time! Membership to Julie’s Village offers full access to our members-only section of our web site. This special section offers sample letters to your employer to help with discussions about returning to work and pumping, offers a doctors letter to give your employer and many other downloadable, helpful documents. As a member you can also enjoy free registration for our full, breastfeeding classes (a $50 value every time you take advantage of this). As a member you will also have access to a closed Facebook page where you can ask Julie and other moms preparedness questions before your baby is delivered and support questions after baby comes home. We will even talk with your employer about the federal law allowing nursing mothers breaks to pump and help moms-to-be map out a plan of where you will pump when you return to work. This is an awesome service! Remember, all of our services are preparedness-focused so join before your baby is born and let us help you reach your breastfeeding goals!

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Hi there! I’m Julie Hamilton. I’m the momma that screwed everything up regarding breastfeeding including being totally unprepared. I mean, completely and totally unprepared. But that isn’t going to happen to you because we’ve found each other! It’s going to be different, now. You can reach your breastfeeding goals and I have several ways you can learn more.

Julie Hamilton, MA, CLC Julie Hamilton, MA, CLC

CEO, Julie's Village

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