Understanding Why Breastfeeding Incidents Escalate So Quickly: Rationale for the Retail and Restaurant Executive

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Emails from my clients tell a consistent story: shock and disbelief over the “soap opera” nature of a breastfeeding crisis; the quick spread of a negative message to hundreds or thousands of people online; a solid brand reputation derailed seemingly overnight.

Retail and restaurant executives are often confused by such sudden turns of events, so I’ve put together a high-level rationale to explain the emotions and memories driving the strong response to a breastfeeding incident. It may be helpful in your team’s understanding of breastfeeding laws and your company’s corporate and training policies.

Breastfeeding is a complex, emotional issue. Moms-to-be are told repeatedly that breastfeeding is the best thing they can do for their children, but culturally we throw insurmountable obstacles in their way. These may include ill-informed friends, unsupportive family, hospital staff and employers. We then make moms feel guilty when they stop nursing before they wanted to because they lacked support or resources. Those who do continue nursing likely fought hard to do so. Those “lucky” moms then feel a sense of protectiveness to other moms.

In addition, we’ve now been taught the health risks of not breastfeeding: a higher risk of breast cancer in the mom, and a higher risk of obesity and diabetes in the baby, and an increased risk of SIDS. Discouraging a mother from breastfeeding impacts generational health, and social media commenters want to protect mothers’ rights and be the voice they wish they’d had.

While you may not convert those commenters into fans or customers, it is important your brand come across as listening, caring and responsive, which are The 3 Social Media Essentials.

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