Activities & Services

BabyShowerRegistration-MEMPHIS BabyShowerRegistration-ChattBest Baby Shower and Breastfeeding Presentation
This year, Julie’s Village is bringing our FREE breastfeeding presentation and Best Baby Shower to Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga. Moms-to-be will prepare to meet their breastfeeding goals with a great preparedness presentation including binders and take-home information. After the breastfeeding presentation, registrants will have access to all the booths of great information and resources and of course, fabulous treats and great giveaways! Get more details and stay updated on our Facebook page!

Breastfeeding Class Curriculum
Julie’s Village has developed class curriculum for hospitals and birthing facilities that focus on preparedness. Our curriculum is very beautiful, encouraging, has reduced the confusing medical terminology and most importantly offers an honest look at breastfeeding and probable obstacles. If you’d like to bring the Julie’s Village breastfeeding class curriculum to your hospital please click here. We also offer breastfeeding preparedness classes in select cities in Tennessee.

Breastfeeding Welcomed Here
Julie’s Village is working in Nashville with the Nashville Breastfeeding Coalition on a campaign to reconnect new mothers with the community. Businesses, restaurants, doctor offices and houses of worship can Take the Pledge to provide a welcoming environment to nursing mothers.

Speaking and Writing
Julie Hamilton, MA, CLC, founder of Julie’s Village has spoken on breastfeeding preparedness to the United States Breastfeeding Committee, national baby fairs and for organizations. Julie’s Village can provide speakers and authors on various breastfeeding topics. Please click here to email your request or inquiry.

Women’s Advocate
Julie’s Village has built partnerships with legal teams to advocate for women who have had adverse hospital, public or employer breastfeeding experiences. If you feel your rights have been violated or laws have been broken regarding breastfeeding please click here to start a free legal consultation.

Affecting Policies
We are constantly working with policy makers to offer expert education to improve hospital policies, federal and state benefits and protection of breastfeeding.

Communicating Preparedness
Julie’s Village is completing commercials targeted to pregnant women that introduce the need for preparedness, offer tips and then give directions for more information. We are also in final negotiations for a call-in radio show targeted to pregnant women and new moms that will answer breastfeeding questions and also inform of new laws, talk about how breastfeeding is making the news.

Julie’s Village is working on a few other long-term projects on a national and international level that will be communicated as funding becomes available for these programs.