Breaking the “Brand” Rule – 1 Important Brand Voice Change in a Breastfeeding Crisis (It’s Only Temporary)

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We’ve heard so much about brand over the past several years. Experts advise that branding be consistent across all platforms and with every customer touch point. Our locations, our policies, our employee dress code, the décor and corporate offices should all mesh and give off the same vibe. But when it comes to a breastfeeding incident, you may need to alter your brand voice a little. In this case, a temporary – yet crucial – brand voice change should be considered. Before we get to that, let’s consider the details of a breastfeeding...

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Understanding Why Breastfeeding Incidents Escalate So Quickly: Rationale for the Retail and Restaurant Executive

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Emails from my clients tell a consistent story: shock and disbelief over the “soap opera” nature of a breastfeeding crisis; the quick spread of a negative message to hundreds or thousands of people online; a solid brand reputation derailed seemingly overnight. Retail and restaurant executives are often confused by such sudden turns of events, so I’ve put together a high-level rationale to explain the emotions and memories driving the strong response to a breastfeeding incident. It may be helpful in your team’s understanding of breastfeeding...

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The First 4 Hours: Critical Actions for National Restaurant Chains After Breastfeeding Incident

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You’ve just received the news. One of your employees invented their own breastfeeding corporate policy and embarrassed a nursing mother. Perhaps the incident was greeted with angry responses, or perhaps with mutinous silence. Either way, you can’t stop the mental movie reel of media firestorms, social media monologues and negative reviews. These things can and do happen, especially to national restaurant chains. Because they share a widespread public image, chains tend to suffer uniformly for the actions of a single employee, which can pose a...

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The 3 Social Media Essentials in Crisis Communications for National Restaurant Chains

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National restaurant chains have many advantages, but a significant disadvantage lies in the fact that what happens in one restaurant reflects on all. If you’ve watched helplessly while breastfeeding crises at other restaurant chains exploded into media firestorms or weeks of negative press, you might wonder how you would handle such a situation yourself. You’d be right to wonder, because how a restaurant responds to a breastfeeding crisis may have far-reaching repercussions for its brand image and future success. Whether an employee actually...

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Protected: Presentation Materials from Best Baby Shower Nashville Sept 2012

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Hello everyone! I hope you have checked a few things off your preparedness stepping stones list this week. They will make a difference with establishing breastfeeding. I’m sure you all will remember skin-to-skin and rooming-in! I hope all of you that won items are enjoying them. As a reminder we gave these items away during the main presentation: 24 Boppy Travel Nursing Pillows 24 Boppy Nursing Covers 10 “Organic Nanny” books 3 PumpEase prize packs – hands-free pumping bras 3 Gymboree Green Hills Music and Play 3-month...

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