Breastfeeding Pathways for Moms-To-Be

Julie’s Village is working to help to moms and babies have the best breastfeeding experience possible by working on different ways to make establishing breastfeeding easier, preparing moms for the first few days after birth and increasing the duration a baby is breastfed according to the individual goals of moms. We have a special focus on preparing expectant moms for their breastfeeding experience and educating on the many health benefits to moms including a reduction in the risk of many diseases like breast and ovarian cancers.

Julie’s Village directly reaches moms through our work with health departments, hospitals, providing speakers for events, by providing information and education through news and talk shows and through independent breastfeeding preparedness classes. We are working to change the hospital experience so that breastfeeding moms are helped and encouraged during their stay by building and publishing a national hospital review tool where women can rate their hospital based on their breastfeeding experience and by serving on committees to raise awareness and change policies so that breastfeeding is the automatic first step after a new baby is born. Julie’s Village is also building the capability to advocate on women’s behalf when met with breastfeeding opposition in hospitals and public places.

We have other initiatives ready to go as we grow and gain additional funding. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of moms and babies.

Julie Hamilton, MA, CLC
Founder and CEO

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