Julie’s Village offers education to moms-to-be to help prepare for breastfeeding before the baby is even born.

Research studies have proven most women want to breastfeed and most initiate breastfeeding. But by two weeks, certainly by three months and then six months there is a dramatic drop in breastfeeding rates. Julie’s Village believes women are pressured to breastfeed, not supported or offered truthful education and then made to feel guilty if they stop earlier than they wish. Preparedness is the key to protecting moms from the barriers of breastfeeding – our culture, our hospitals, myths, work sites and even misinformed friends and family.

BUT, Julie Hamilton has developed a simple 7-step system that will make breastfeeding easier! It’s based onEEEsmall:







Being prepared for breastfeeding includes these helpful recommendations:
1) learning truth – health benefits to moms like reduction in the risk of several diseases including breast cancer, obesity and for babies including reduced NICU days, risk of SIDS and diabetes go down
2) taking control – hospital and pediatrician choices are competitive ones and have long term ramifications
3) building support – assemble your Village, neighbor, aunt, partner, worship ladies, mom and more
4) evaluating environment and culture
5) plan and research first week at home – including helpful supplies and how others can help
6) returning to work – where to pump and store and how to work it all out
7) set breastfeeding goals based on your desires and your individual situation

Click here to watch Julie discussing the first week at home – our most requested video!

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