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Julie HamiltonHi there! It’s Julie Hamilton. I’m the momma that made so many mistakes regarding breastfeeding and it’s because I was totally unprepared. I mean, completely and totally unprepared. But, that isn’t going to happen to you because we’ve found each other! It’s going to be different now. You can reach your breastfeeding goals and after several years of research, interviews, volunteering and directly helping mommas I have put together several ways you can learn more.



Julie is a featured speaker, author, certified lactation counselor, and founder of Julie’s Village, EnlightenEmpowerEnjoy.com and popular programs like “Before You Breastfeed”. She is also mother of three, including twins. Julie is a former strategic marketing consultant and Chief Operating Officer of an advertising agency.

Julie struggled to nurse her children and is passionate about preparing moms-to-be to reach their individual breastfeeding goals. Julie has published articles on breastfeeding preparedness, how to choose breastfeeding classes and what to expect during the hospital stay. She was featured in the national health magazine KIWI, spoke at the Chicago Baby Fair and presented on preparedness to the United States Breastfeeding Committee in DC in August, 2010 and made four presentations at the August, 2014 conference. Julie was honored with an invitation by US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin to attend her 2011 presentation of “A Call to Action Regarding Breastfeeding” at George Washington University. Julie has also been the expert answering breastfeeding questions on numerous national conference calls by Medela US and marketed by the Office of Women’s Health.

Julie’s background in strategic marketing and communications has allowed her to add tremendous value to large business-to-consumer corporations like retail and national restaurant chains as companies struggle to write effective breastfeeding policies, offer appropriate training opportunities and work out on-site pumping logistics for breastfeeding employees. Julie has played an integral role in crisis communications teams in cases of breastfeeding incidents both before and after the incident hits the media. Championing and protecting mothers’ rights while protecting the reputation and brand of her clients is one of Julie’s favorite services.

Most recently, Julie was asked to organize the Tennessee State Breastfeeding Coalition and is President and Co-Founder of the Nashville Breastfeeding Coalition. Julie collaborated with the Joint Commission on their breastfeeding preparedness brochure, is a hospital volunteer and serves on several committees for hospitals, NICUs and public health breastfeeding work groups.

When not serving breastfeeding mommas, Julie is reinventing America’s Test Kitchen’s Gluten Free recipes so real people can cook them, helping with her children’s homework or running them to ballet or baseball. Julie and fab husband Brian have been married fourteen years.

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