Julie Hamilton, MA, CLC

Julie Hamilton, MA, CLC

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Hi there! I’m Julie Hamilton. I’m the momma that screwed everything up regarding breastfeeding including being totally unprepared. I mean, completely and totally unprepared. But that isn’t going to happen to you because we’ve found each other! It’s going to be different, now. You can reach your breastfeeding goals and I have several ways you can learn more.
 Julie is a featured speaker, author, certified lactation counselor, and founder of Julie’s Village. She is also a mother of three, including twins she breastfed for two years. Julie is a former Chief Operating Officer of a local advertising agency and is runner up to Mrs. Tennessee advocating for breastfeeding preparedness. Julie struggled to nurse her twins and is passionate about preparing expectant mothers to reach their individual breastfeeding goals.
Julie has published articles on breastfeeding preparedness, how to choose breastfeeding classes and what to expect during the hospital stay. She was featured in the national health KIWI magazine, spoke at the Chicago Baby Fair and presented on preparedness to the United States Breastfeeding Committee in DC in August, 2010 and made four presentations at the August, 2014 conference. Julie was honored with an invitation by the US Surgeon General to attend her 2011 presentation of “A Call to Action regarding Breastfeeding” in January at George Washington University. Julie has also been the expert answering breastfeeding questions on numerous national conference calls by Medela® US and marketed by the Office of Women’s Health.Most recently, Julie was asked to collaborate with the Joint Commission on their breastfeeding preparedness brochure targeted to expectant women. Julie is a hospital volunteer, and serves on several committees for hospitals, NICUs and breastfeeding workgroups for local health departments. Julie co-founded the Nashville Breastfeeding Coalition and is acting chair of the Tennessee Breastfeeding Alliance.

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